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As some of you may know, I - once upon a time - developed a project (VS add-in, templates, etc) for automatic deployment of CLR assemblies to SQL Server: SqlClrProject. That project has been dormant now for a couple of years, but I now and then get requests for where it can be downloaded from (I had it on CodePlex, but had to take it down as I didn’t publish the source code).

A while ago I decided to start to use Git and GitHub as source control (I have been using SVN since forever), and as part of the “getting to grips” with Git, I created a repo for SqlClrProject on GitHub. So the source for the project is now available on GitHub.

If you are interested in the  fork it, play with it. The state of it is that it “should” work on VS 2008 / SQL 2008. It most likely will work on VS 2010 as well. And of course the standalone deployment executable will work regardless of VS version.

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