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The two first weekends in August I were in Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively presenting at SQL Saturday events. I had a great time, and the audience were terrific. My employer Derivco graciously gave me some “swag” to hand out, and that went down a treat. Thanks Derivco!!

After the events some people have emailed me and asked for the presentations, so I thought I’d upload them to SlideShare, so anyone that are interested can get to them. Seeing that I recently switched to a new blog platform, Octopress, and I a couple of days ago came across a SlideShare plugin for Octopress - I decided to test it out by posting the presentations here on my blog.

The two presentations I did were based about the “weird/wonderful (or not so wonderful)” things we have experienced at Derivco in our live production environments:

  • SQL Real World Error Handling - Gotcha’s when doing error-handling in SQL Server
  • Message Queues in SQL Server - Enhance performance by using queues in SQL Server

SQL Real World Error Handling

This presentation talks about strange scenarios that can catch unaware developers out when mixing the new way of handling errors introduced in SQL Server 2005, with what we used to do before:

  -- do some stuff that may cause an error
  --handle error, and perhaps re-raise
DECLARE @err int;
EXEC dbo.Some_Proc
SET @err = @@ERROR
IF(@err <> 0)
  --do error "stuff"

Message Queues in SQL Server

Here I discussed the findings from research at Derivco about the most efficient implementations of queues inside SQL Server.

If anyone are interested in discussing this more, please post a comment.

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