Niels Berglund

Interesting Stuff - Week 51, 2023

This week: dive into advanced RAG techniques, explore Microsoft's GPT-RAG, and discover the power of Kafka in Two-Phase Commit protocols. As we gear up for the festive season, join me in exploring cutting-edge AI applications and stream processing wonders.

Interesting Stuff - Week 50, 2023

Explore the forefront of AI in this week's blog, where we dive into Deep Q-Learning, the role of LLMs in AGI, and practical uses of Azure AI Studio. Plus, discover how Confluent's serverless Apache Flink is revolutionizing stream processing. Join us for a journey into the future of AI!

Interesting Stuff - Week 49, 2023

Explore the frontiers of AI in my latest blog post! Dive into Simon Headley's insights on Kubernetes with Dapr, unravel the mysteries of AGI with Youssef Hosni, and discover the innovative uses of Retrieval Augmented Generation. Plus, get Andrej Karpathy's unique perspective on LLMs' 'hallucination problem'.

Interesting Stuff - Week 48, 2023

This week: dive into the latest in Generative AI and Data Streaming in this week's blog! Discover the impact of AI tools like GitHub Copilot, learn to create a Custom GPT model, and explore the synergy of AI with data streaming.

Interesting Stuff - Week 47, 2023

This week: Patterns for Effective Distributed Systems, Real-Time Generative AI Gameplay, Sam Altman Returns as CEO of OpenAI, Confluent and Ably: A Game-Changer for Kafka Integration, Streaming with Style: Unleashing the Power of Kafka for .NET Developers.

Interesting Stuff - Week 46, 2023

This week we delve into the dynamic world of AI and streaming technologies, starting with the unexpected ousting of Sam Altman from OpenAI and the latest advancements in Retrieval-Augmented Generation systems. We also explore OpenAI's newest tools, DALL-E 3, GPT-4 Vision, and GPT-4 Turbo, and much more.

Interesting Stuff - Week 45, 2023

This week, we dive into the latest in Generative AI and Streaming technologies, examining the intricacies of Large Language Models and the integration of Apache Kafka and Flink in real-time applications. I also share personal reflections on the successful AI/ML & Data Infusion Roadshow in Durban.

Interesting Stuff - Week 44, 2023

This week: Explore Generative AI's impact on gaming and Large Language Model applications, meet NExT-GPT's multimodal magic, and uncover the future of business analytics with AI and Confluent Cloud. Get a sneak peek at the upcoming AI/ML & Data Infusion Roadshow Durban.

Interesting Stuff - Week 43, 2023

Stay updated with the latest in Generative AI and Streaming tech! From AutoGen to LLM-based agents. TimeGPT, RisingWave 1.3, and a blog series on Generative AI. Not to forget the AI/ML & Data Infusion Roadshow Durban!

Interesting Stuff - Week 42, 2023

This week we explore: LLM advancements - Prometheus to Table-GPT. Azure + GPT Models - Connect AI with your data. Bridging AI and Code - Kickstart projects with LLMs, but manual touch is vital!