Niels Berglund

Interesting Stuff - Week 10, 2024

This week we explore groundbreaking advancements in Generative AI and Streaming, from revolutionizing sales with SalesGPT to Uber's scalable chat solutions. Plus, don't miss out on the upcoming Data and AI Community Day Durban, a must-attend for tech enthusiasts!

Interesting Stuff - Week 09, 2024

Dive into this week's blog for a tech-packed journey, from cutting-edge scalable systems and LLM data indexing to the latest in Apache Kafka and real-time sentiment analysis. Plus, get highlights from my Generative AI presentation at the Global Power Platform Bootcamp.

Interesting Stuff - Week 08, 2024

In this week's blog: We explore groundbreaking Generative AI innovations, from Andrej Karpathy's minbpe to OpenAI's Sora, and beyond. Discover how Meta's TestGen-LLM and the 'Mind Mapper' project are pushing the boundaries of technology and AI. Join me on a journey through the latest in AI that's reshaping our digital landscape.

Interesting Stuff - Week 07, 2024

In this week's blog: a whirlwind tour of Generative AI and Streaming Data Mesh innovations, from the depths of LLMs with llama.cpp to the pioneering Functionary model. Discover the transformative power of GraphRAG and SORA, and join me at the Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2024 for an exciting session on Microsoft Copilot Studio.

Interesting Stuff - Week 06, 2024

This week: James Serra's guide to data architectures, Microsoft's AI Controller Interface for LLMs, and Neil Avery's insights on Data Mesh with Kafka.

Interesting Stuff - Week 05, 2024

In this this week's blog I explore Azure Data Explorer and how it fared in the One Billion Row Challenge, the innovative integration of AutoGen with OpenAI, and a groundbreaking GenAI demo that's transforming sales strategies. From vector databases to smart load balancing, discover the latest tech breakthroughs before I jet off to London for the iGaming ICE conference!

One Billion Row Challenge & Azure Data Explorer

Gunnar Morling initiated the One Billion Row Challenge on his blog, aiming to load and aggregate one billion rows of temperature data using Java. In this blog post, I show how I did the challenge using Azure Data Explorer. It was not without challenges (pun intended), but I got there in the end.

Interesting Stuff - Week 04, 2024

Dive into this week's blog for a tech-packed journey, exploring everything from innovative text-to-speech integrations to the collaborative genius of AI with CrewAI, and the architectural marvels of Azure OpenAI for chat applications. Plus, discover how Confluent's self-use of its platform is revolutionizing real-time alerting.

Interesting Stuff - Week 03, 2024

Dive into this week's blog for groundbreaking tech insights! Discover Dean Martin's CodeInterpreterThoughts for Python-C# integration. Explore the revolutionary AI framework CrewAI, and get a glimpse of AlphaCodium's innovative approach to code generation. Finally, learn about Pinecone Serverless, a vector database architecture that's transforming GenAI applications.

Interesting Stuff - Week 02, 2024

Dive into this week's blog for exploration of advancements in Generative AI and Streaming Technologies. Discover how Ray Autoscaling's integration with Databricks revolutionizes AI workload scalability, and how Confluent Cloud's Kora engine is redefining streaming speeds, outperforming Apache Kafka.