F#, Mono and Mac - Take II

Posted by nielsb on Saturday, November 20, 2010

So yesterday I wrote about how I have started using F# and Mono on my MacBook.

I wrote about how I downloaded the F# bits, unzipped and put them in a specific directory I had created. Today after having browsed around a bit more I realized I had done it the hard way. To install the required bits for F# for Mac, you only have to download a zip file with an install package for Mac from the F# Cross Platform site on CodePlex. The actual zip-file for the November 2010 CTP is here.

After you have downloaded the file you unzip it and run the .pkg file. This takes care of everything; no re-signing with the .snk file etc. The added benefit of installing from the .pkg file is that a couple of F# compiler dll’s are automatically gac:ed (they are needed if you want to run the F# plugin for MonoDevelop), and aliases are created for the F# compiler and the F# interactive window.

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