Testing, Testing, Anyone Out There?

Posted by nielsb on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What can I say, I am crap at this “blogging” thing! Three years ago, I resuscitated my blog, after a hiatus of one year. I also switched blog engine from WordPress to OctoPress (which at that stage was version 2). At the time of the switch, I had had a one year hiatus of blogging (I am not a very prolific blog writer :)), and I remember I was very tempted to write in that post, that if I cannot keep up blogging I will quit. Boy, am I glad I did not write that!

So here we are, three years later (what are a couple of months between friends), and I am about to write blog posts again. This time I have not switched blog engine - but I have upgraded from Octopress 2 to 3.0. So why am I doing this? The easiest answer to that would be that “I have no effing idea why, other than that I must be a masochist”, however there are a couple of other reasons:

  • Slava Oks - for you young “whipper snappers” out there; he was Mr. SQLOS and Mr. SQLCLR back in the day of SQL Server 2005 - what he didn’t know about SQLOS was not / is not worth knowing. He has recently come back after a 10 year blogging hiatus, so if he can …
  • I still like “putting pen to paper”, and write about things I enjoy.

Right, so that’s it! Let us see what happens going forward!

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