Interesting Stuff - Week 8, 2019

Posted by nielsb on Sunday, February 24, 2019

Throughout the week, I read a lot of blog-posts, articles, and so forth, that has to do with things that interest me:

  • data science
  • data in general
  • distributed computing
  • SQL Server
  • transactions (both db as well as non db)
  • and other “stuff”

This blog-post is the “roundup” of the things that have been most interesting to me, for the week just ending.

For some reason I did not find that much interesting to me this week, but here is what caught my eye.


  • Batch as a Special Case of Streaming and Alibaba’s contribution of Blink. This post discusses the in-house improvements to Flink batch processing Alibaba has done and contributed to open source. Oh, when you read the post, and you wonder what Ververica is, read this post.
  • Patterns of Streaming Applications. This presentation from InfoQ talks about a blueprint for streaming data architectures and a review of desirable features of a streaming engine. The presentation also discusses streaming application patterns and anti-patterns, and use cases and concrete examples using Apache Flink.
  • The Whys and Hows of Database Streaming. This InfoQ presentation discusses how database streaming is becoming more and more essential and the many functions that database streaming serves. The presentation also covers challenges faced with streaming peer-to-peer distributed databases.

~ Finally

That’s all for this week. I hope you enjoy what I did put together. If you have ideas for what to cover, please comment on this post or ping me.

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