Interesting Stuff - Week 46, 2020

Posted by nielsb on Sunday, November 15, 2020

Throughout the week, I read a lot of blog-posts, articles, and so forth, that has to do with things that interest me:

  • data science
  • data in general
  • distributed computing
  • SQL Server
  • transactions (both db as well as non db)
  • and other “stuff”

This blog-post is the “roundup” of the things that have been most interesting to me, for the week just ending.


  • How to integrate Python and R in Visual Studio Code. I really like VSCode, but I always have issues with how to configure for Python and R when installing from scratch. So this blog-post comes in real handy, as it explains what one needs to do to get Python and R up and running in VSCode. Awesome!

Data Science


  • Using Apache Pinot and Kafka to Analyze GitHub Events. Apache Pinot is a real-time distributed OLAP datastore, which is used to deliver scalable real-time analytics with low latency. The post I linked to here discusses how to ingest Kafka events into Pinot. What we see in the blog post is very interesting for us, and we will definitely look at it in more detail.

WIND (What Is Niels Doing)

In last weeks roundup I wrote about my recording of video for the Data Platform Summit 2020.

If I haven’t said it before:

I am super excited to be speaking at the Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020. A 100% technical learning event with 200 Breakout Sessions, 30 Training Classes, 72 hours of non-stop conference sessions – DPS 2020 is the largest online learning event on Microsoft Azure Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence. Delegates get the recordings at no extra cost, which is quite a wonderful thing. Also, the conference virtual platform looks amazing, take a look.

If you want to attend and hear industry experts talk about really exciting stuff you can book here. Oh, and the coolest thing is that as I am a speaker I get a discount code to hand out to you guys! Use the discount code DPSSPEAKER to book your seat at 55% off.

~ Finally

That’s all for this week. I hope you enjoy what I did put together. If you have ideas for what to cover, please comment on this post or ping me.

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