Niels Berglund

Interesting Stuff - Week 36, 2023

This week: explore event-driven systems, AI compilers, and real-time data pipelines! Join me at Data Saturday Cape Town on September 30th, and mark your calendar for AI & Data Infusion Roadshow Durban on November 11th.

Interesting Stuff - Week 35, 2023

This week: From transforming banking with Dapr to building a Neo4j Knowledge Graph with Chat-GPT. Streaming updates from Hubert and cool stream-processing using Kafka & Flink. Stay updated on the latest in AI and streaming tech.

Interesting Stuff - Week 30, 2023

In this week's blog post: managing and analyzing game data at scale using Azure PlayFab and Databricks. Ambassador Pattern for distributed systems. OpenAI Whisper on Azure OpenAI Service. Function calling in Azure OpenAI. Using Azure 'Prompt Flow'. Apache Kafka as a mission-critical data fabric for GenAI.

Interesting Stuff - Week 3, 2023

This week we look at cool visualizations in Azure Data Explorer using Plotly. Interesting about benefits and challenges of distributed computing. Comparison of different SQL-based streaming approaches and their use cases, including a look at a streaming database. A really good post about Time in Flink.

Interesting Stuff - Week 39, 2022

Kafka & Terraform, distributed system architecture, Protobuf - Kafka & Azure Data Explorer, and other interesting topics.

Interesting Stuff - Week 24, 2022

Kafka & Confluent Cloud incidents, performant software, tools 4 SQL Server, Azure Data Explorer features, and other interesting topics!

Interesting Stuff - Week 4, 2022

Kafka 3.1.0, Databricks & Snowflake, dashboards in Azure Data Explorer, Azure Data Explorer training at SQLBits, and other cool topics.

Interesting Stuff - Week 47, 2021

Kafka, ksqlDB & push queries, Ray on Databricks, SynapseML, NewSQL, and other interesting topics.

Interesting Stuff - Week 37, 2021

Kafka streams tables and materialized views, SQL Server & C#, parallel programming, Azure Data Explorer, and other interesting topics.

Interesting Stuff - Week 36, 2021

Kafka & async. consumer, Windows Terminal bling, fallacies around distribued computing, and other interesting topics.