Niels Berglund

Interesting Stuff - Week 40, 2023

This week: discover the latest in AI/ML with Ray's game-changing compute runtime, the quest for Artificial General Intelligence, and the power of data streaming in critical decision-making. Plus, master Apache Flink with a comprehensive blog series.

Interesting Stuff - Week 39, 2023

In this week's blog: highlights from the recent Current 2023 conference. Confluent Cloud-Flink integration. Confluent's new initiative, Data Streaming for AI. Finally, a bit about Data Saturday Cape Town, and get a sneak peek at the upcoming AI/ML & Data Infusion Roadshow Durban event.

Interesting Stuff - Week 37 - 38, 2023

Latest news from this we as well as the previous week: explore the Circuit Breaker Pattern. Dive into Distributed Computing with Dapr, revolutionize SQL queries with Azure Open AI. Join Data Saturday Cape Town, September 30, and more.

Interesting Stuff - Week 35, 2023

This week: From transforming banking with Dapr to building a Neo4j Knowledge Graph with Chat-GPT. Streaming updates from Hubert and cool stream-processing using Kafka & Flink. Stay updated on the latest in AI and streaming tech.

Interesting Stuff - Week 33, 2023

This week: AI/ML marvels and streaming sensations! Python Vector Databases, Real-Time ML, Apache Flink, Confluent Platform, and more. Relive the record-breaking Data Saturday Durban event!

Interesting Stuff - Week 15, 2023

This week: how Generative AI may shift focus from technology-driven to product-driven development. A game analytics framework/solution to help game developers analyze players. How to handle late-arriving events in Apache Flink. An introduction to materialized views and how they can help. Also, a plug for an upcoming post by me about how to build multi-platform Docker images.

Interesting Stuff - Week 14, 2023

This week: **Azure Data Explorer** (ADX) workshop, the third post in the series of building a real-time leaderboard using Kafka and ADX. Also links to building a GPT-powered application and a really interesting intro to reinforcement learning.

Interesting Stuff - Week 10, 2023

Streaming, streaming, and more streaming. We start with an excellent introduction to Flink, followed by a look at the potential consequences of Confluent's acquisition of Immerok. I finish off with a link to a post looking at the benefits of event streaming.

Interesting Stuff - Week 5, 2023

In this week's roundup, you'll read about optimized locking in Azure SQL (very cool) and why Flink is so popular. Related to Flink, we also look at operational use cases for Flink, as well as some Flink CEP "stuff".

Interesting Stuff - Week 4, 2023

This roundup, which arrives one day earlier than usual, looks at cloud OLTP databases and whether we can get them to be really scalable. There is a link to a post looking at *Azure Data Explorer** together with Azure Serverless functions - very cool! An interesting post about ML in online gaming, plus a lot of other cool stuff.