Niels Berglund

Interesting Stuff - Week 20, 2023

This week: Reinforcement Learning, Real-Time Streaming Ecosystem, Apache Spark Structured Streaming, Kafka Summit 2023, Data Saturday Johannesburg, Data Saturday Durban

Interesting Stuff - Week 19, 2023

ADX as Vector DB & Similarity search. Polars for Rust. ChatGPT and Pandas = PandasAI. Real-time streaming ecosystem and other cool stuff.

Interesting Stuff - Week 18, 2023

This week: Generative AI, pluse some more Generative AI. Build ML segments using chatbots, ChatGPT and LangChain. Confluent Platform 7.4 is released, some interesting things in that release.

Interesting Stuff - Week 15, 2023

This week: how Generative AI may shift focus from technology-driven to product-driven development. A game analytics framework/solution to help game developers analyze players. How to handle late-arriving events in Apache Flink. An introduction to materialized views and how they can help. Also, a plug for an upcoming post by me about how to build multi-platform Docker images.

Interesting Stuff - Week 14, 2023

This week: **Azure Data Explorer** (ADX) workshop, the third post in the series of building a real-time leaderboard using Kafka and ADX. Also links to building a GPT-powered application and a really interesting intro to reinforcement learning.

Interesting Stuff - Week 13, 2023

This week: be cool, read about Polar vs Pandas. How to ingest data into ADX. On the streaming side really interesting about how to do Canary releases for streaming platforms. Also something extremely interesting: Machine Learning and Data Streaming!

Interesting Stuff - Week 12, 2023

This week I link to posts about creating customised chatbots using GPT-4. It is also a link to an interesting post about developing a realtime ticketing booking system.

Interesting Stuff - Week 11, 2023

This week I link to a learning path for Azure Data Explorer and Kusto Query Language. I finally published the second post about Leaderboards using Kafka and ADX. In the post you also find OpenAI "stuff".

Develop a Real-Time Leaderboard Using Kafka and Azure Data Explorer - I

This post continues the journey towards creating a leaderboard system. In this post we learn more about ADX and why it is an excellent choice for near real-time applications, how to 'hook up' Kafka to ADX and how to ingest data into an ADX database.

Interesting Stuff - Week 10, 2023

Streaming, streaming, and more streaming. We start with an excellent introduction to Flink, followed by a look at the potential consequences of Confluent's acquisition of Immerok. I finish off with a link to a post looking at the benefits of event streaming.