Niels Berglund

Interesting Stuff - Week 22

Kafka, event driven architectures, books, how to fix R issues after applying CU7, and other interesting topics.

Interesting Stuff - Week 15

Chaos in Service Fabric, scaling Elasticsearch, 100 billion events per day and Kafka, RevoScaleR and other interesting topics.

Interesting Stuff - Week 12

Resource usage in SQL Server, EventHubs and Spark, Azure Databricks, and a lot of other interesting things!

Interesting Stuff - Week 11

Networking for Azure SQL Managed Instance databases, events and more events, Service Fabric, events and Kafka, new features in Flink, plus other cool things!

Interesting Stuff - Week 10

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, Anaconda in VSCode, ONXX n Windows 10 and other interesting topics!.

Interesting Stuff - Week 9

Microsoft Machine Learning Server 9.3, stream processing, event databases, and other interesting topics!

Interesting Stuff - Week 42

.NET performance, Apache Kafka Stream API's, real-time Microsoft Machine Learning web-services, and some other interesting stuff.