Niels Berglund

Interesting Stuff - Week 32, 2023

This week: Explore Big Data's layers with James Serra's post. GPT-5's potential reshapes AI. Stay updated on streaming trends. Join Niels at Data Saturday Durban for Azure OpenAI insights & top speakers.

Interesting Stuff - Week 31, 2023

This week: Master the art of prompt engineering. OpenAI's evolution from GPT-1 to GPT-4, with a teaser of GPT-5 Explore RAG-based chatbots. Dive into event-driven serverless apps. Join Niels on data adventures.

Interesting Stuff - Week 28, 2023

This week: become a detective in Kusto Detective Agency. Never write a README again, instead use GPT4Readability. Machine learning streaming with Kafka, Debezium, and BentoML. Stream processing performance report: Apache Flink and RisingWave. Data Saturday Durban 2023.

Interesting Stuff - Week 24, 2023

This week I share how generative AI can help with analytics, content creation, and natural language queries, and how to train a machine learning model on a Kafka stream. Furthermore, I look at how to debug Jupyter notebooks in VSCode.

Interesting Stuff - Week 22, 2023

This week's blog post covers generative AI for analytics, Microsoft Fabric, and real-time streaming. You will discover how to use natural language queries, Power BI, Kusto, stream processing platforms, and PII detection with machine learning.

Interesting Stuff - Week 16, 2023

In this week's roundup, I cover some 'cool stuff': Azure Databricks Delta Engine, multi-platform Docker image for Kafka Connect and Kusto Sink. Generative AI for Synthetic Data creation. Using Databricks SQL together with LLMs.

Interesting Stuff - Week 14, 2023

This week: **Azure Data Explorer** (ADX) workshop, the third post in the series of building a real-time leaderboard using Kafka and ADX. Also links to building a GPT-powered application and a really interesting intro to reinforcement learning.

Interesting Stuff - Week 12, 2023

This week I link to posts about creating customised chatbots using GPT-4. It is also a link to an interesting post about developing a realtime ticketing booking system.

Interesting Stuff - Week 11, 2023

This week I link to a learning path for Azure Data Explorer and Kusto Query Language. I finally published the second post about Leaderboards using Kafka and ADX. In the post you also find OpenAI "stuff".

Interesting Stuff - Week 9, 2023

This weekly roundup covers prompt engineering for Generative AI. I also cover stream processing vs real-time OLAP DBs; using Kafka and other open-source technologies to build AWS data lakes. To finish off: Spark Structured Streaming and REST APIs.