Niels Berglund

Interesting Stuff - Week 12

Resource usage in SQL Server, EventHubs and Spark, Azure Databricks, and a lot of other interesting things!

Interesting Stuff - Week 41

Apache Kafka and Flink in the news, AthenaX, and other interesting things

Interesting Stuff - Week 31

Covering SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning, introduction to TensorFlow, H2O on Azure, and a lot of other interesting stuff.

SQL Server 2017 SQLCLR - Whitelisting Assemblies

SQL Server 2017 RC1 has added new functionality for SQLCLR security; sp_add_trusted_assembly.

Interesting Stuff - Week 28

Cool stuff about graph databases, SQL Server 2017, SQL Server Linux, Apache Flink and other interesting goodies!

Interesting Stuff - Week 26

We look at graph db in SQL Server 2017, Apache Flink, SQLCLR, Azure HDInsight, Spark and a lot of other cool stuff.

SQL Server 2017, SQLCLR and Permissions

Investigation SQL Server 2017 "clr strict security" and its impact on SQLCLR

Interesting Stuff - Week 24

This week we cover SQL Server on Linux, Python in SQL Server 2017, Microsoft R Server, and other goodies.

Interesting Stuff - Week 20

This week we look at SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.1, Apache Flink, Kafka, Azure Cosmos DB, Facebook Prophet and other "cool" stuff.

Facebook Prophet and Microsoft R Server

How to use Facebook Prophet in Microsoft R Server / SQL Server R Services