Niels Berglund

Interesting Stuff - Week 29, 2023

This week read all about: Building a self-serve analytics platform with Azure Data Explorer and OpenAI, estimating customer lifetime value with Lakehouse architecture, Databricks + MosaicML, the best of Kafka Summit London 2023, and real-time order notifications with Confluent. Plus, don't miss the impressive lineup of industry experts and sessions at Data Saturday Durban!

Interesting Stuff - Week 26, 2023

This week I cover Hoptimator for data pipelines, using Confluent Kafka to reduce churn, materialized views and streaming tables for Databricks SQL, and Data Saturday Durban.

Interesting Stuff - Week 17, 2023

The man that beat roulette, hooking up Azure Data Explorer and Kafka, real-time machine learning pipelines. Spark loader for Hugging Face datasets, processing data from multiple streaming platforms using Delta Live Tables and the real-time streaming ecosystem.

Interesting Stuff - Week 16, 2023

In this week's roundup, I cover some 'cool stuff': Azure Databricks Delta Engine, multi-platform Docker image for Kafka Connect and Kusto Sink. Generative AI for Synthetic Data creation. Using Databricks SQL together with LLMs.

Interesting Stuff - Week 15, 2023

This week: how Generative AI may shift focus from technology-driven to product-driven development. A game analytics framework/solution to help game developers analyze players. How to handle late-arriving events in Apache Flink. An introduction to materialized views and how they can help. Also, a plug for an upcoming post by me about how to build multi-platform Docker images.

Interesting Stuff - Week 30, 2022

Kafka & Data Mesh, CI/CD with Kafka, Azure Data Explorer book, Databricks vs. Snowflake, and other interesting topics.

Interesting Stuff - Week 28, 2022

Kafka & Confluent Stream Catalog, Databricks & Kafka to handle risk management, Azure Data Explorer workshop videos, and other interesting topics.

Interesting Stuff - Week 27, 2022

Kafka & ingestion into data lakes, Delta Lake open-sourced, Niels renewed as MVP, and other interesting topics.

Interesting Stuff - Week 26, 2022

Kafka & KStreams state store, SQL Server 2022 blog links, Azure Data Explorer & Playfab, Databricks Data Vault, other interesting topics!

Interesting Stuff - Week 25, 2022

Kafka & Azure Functions, Databricks Data Lakehouse & modelling, Microsoft OpenHack, and other interesting topics!