Niels Berglund

Interesting Stuff - Week 9, 2023

This weekly roundup covers prompt engineering for Generative AI. I also cover stream processing vs real-time OLAP DBs; using Kafka and other open-source technologies to build AWS data lakes. To finish off: Spark Structured Streaming and REST APIs.

Interesting Stuff - Week 8, 2023

This week I cover Linux containers on Apple Silicon. There is also how to use Mastodon, Kafka and Open Search together. Let us not forget my post about leaderboards and Azure Data Explorer.

Develop a Real-Time Leaderboard Using Kafka and Azure Data Explorer - Prelude

This post is the first in a series about developing online gaming leaderboards. This post sets the foundation and you use Docker to run Kafka as well as Python in a container generating and publishing events.

Interesting Stuff - Week 6, 2023

You can read about the fully managed Azure Load and Performance testing service. The open sourcing of LMOps: a collection of tools for improving text prompts used as input to generative AI models. Also interesting is vector search, and what you can do with it. Finally if you are interested in Kafka there is an excellent introductory guide to Kafka.

Interesting Stuff - Week 5, 2023

In this week's roundup, you'll read about optimized locking in Azure SQL (very cool) and why Flink is so popular. Related to Flink, we also look at operational use cases for Flink, as well as some Flink CEP "stuff".

Interesting Stuff - Week 4, 2023

This roundup, which arrives one day earlier than usual, looks at cloud OLTP databases and whether we can get them to be really scalable. There is a link to a post looking at *Azure Data Explorer** together with Azure Serverless functions - very cool! An interesting post about ML in online gaming, plus a lot of other cool stuff.

Interesting Stuff - Week 2, 2023

This weeks roundup includes links to articles and videos about using Azure OpenAI and deploying ML models with FastAPI and Azure, as well as a post about Change Data Capture and its patterns. I also discuss my experience with trying to run Flink SQL in Docker. In short, the Flink Docker experience could be better!

Interesting Stuff - XMas, New Year 2022, Week 1 2023

In this post we look at a excellent resource for Azure Machine Learning. Of course, when we talk about machine learning, we need to mention ChatGPT. We look at the "Tinder" app for **Azure Data Explorer** - "Find my partner". The BIG one the post looks at is how Confluent acquires Immerok, which offers a fully managed Flink implementation!

Interesting Stuff - Week 50, 2022

Kafka & streaming .NET apps, Azure Data Explorer & AI/ML, ChatGPT awesomeness, and other interesting topics.

Interesting Stuff - Week 49, 2022

Kafka consumer groups, ChatGPT VM, autoscaling data pipelines, can we handle analysis, and other interesting topics.