Niels Berglund

F#, Mono and Mac - Take II

So yesterday I wrote about how I have started using F# and Mono on my MacBook. I wrote about how I downloaded the F# bits, unzipped and put them in a specific directory I had created. Today after having browsed around a bit more I realized I had done it the hard way. To install the required bits for F# for Mac, you only have to download a zip file with an install package for Mac from the F# Cross Platform site on CodePlex.

F#, Mono and Mac

This is a first post about my experiences with running F# and Mono on a Mac.

In a previous post I wrote about how I have started to play with F#. As that post also covered SQLCLR it was obvious I was on Windows. Even though I make my living from development in a Windows environment, my main machine is a MacBook, and I run OSX as my main OS. I have previously also been running Linux (ArchLinux) on this machine as my main OS. Naturally I have heard about Mono (and also installed it a couple of times - and quickly un-installed again, but I have not really done anything with it. I have always run Windows in a VM on my MacBook for development etc. However after the announcement that F# was going Open Source, and Tomas P posted about his F# MonoDevelop plug-in, I decided that I should have a look at what it would be like to do F# “stuff in OSX.