Niels Berglund

Interesting Stuff - Week 42, 2021

Kafka connectors, kafka & machine learning, ingestion into Azure Data Explorer, and other interesting topics!

Interesting Stuff - Christmas, New Year, Week 1, 2021

Kafka, ksqlDB, new book about Kafka Streams and ksqlDB, use your own Python in SQL Server, and other interesting topics.

UPDATED: Bring Your Own R & Python Runtimes to SQL Server Extensibility Framework

We look at how you can bring your own R or Python runtime to SQL Server Machine Learning Services.

SQL Server 2019 & Java: Parameters

We discuss how to handle parameters between SQL Server and Java, as well as discussing the support of output parameters.

SQL Server 2019 & Java Null Handling: Take Two

We take a second look at how to handle null values in datasets being passed to and from Java code.

SQL Server 2019 CTP3.2 & Java

SQL Server 2019 CTP 3.2 and Azule OpenJDK.

Set Your SQL Server Data Free with Kafka: Extensibility Framework

In this post we look at how we use Java to send data from SQL Server to Kafka.

SQL Server 2019 Extensibility Framework & External Languages

We look at SQL Server 2019 Extensibility Framework and Language Extensions

Java & SQL Server 2019 Extensibility Framework: The Sequel

We look at the implications of the introduction of the Java Language Extension SDK.

Installing R Packages in SQL Server Machine Learning Services - IV: Permissions

We look at permissions required when using CREATE EXTERNAL LIBRARY as well as ownership.